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About Chetana Society

Chetana was established in 1996 by eminent writers and journalists who are sensitive to social problems and needs. The mission is to increase the awareness levels of the people in order to respond to the problems arising out of environmental degradation. Informed people would respond appropriately towards an environmental movement, action, policy intervention and governmental initiatives. Chetana has been trying to fulfill the existing gap of information in Telugu which is not available for the people on local issues.

Objectives of Chetana

Main objective of Chetana Society is to build awareness, consciousness, knowledge, skills and capacities of poor people, especially targeting women, children and youth. It believes that the success of this objective depends on the understanding of the aspirations of the poor. This requires the involvement and participation of the local people, and their representatives.

The basic approach of Chetana has been to spread awareness, and promote discussions and dialogue. Chetana believes environment and development problems can be approached in a stage-by-stage process, wherein the emphasis would be on taking care of the interests of each of the sections of the society.


Chetana Society is an advocacy and pro-active learning organization that works

  • towards the development and growth of environment-friendly India
  • to enable equitable social change, distributive justice and human rights


The mission of Chetana Society is to create an enabling environment

  • to get access to democratic institutions
  • to effectively advocate the cause and issues of people living in poverty
  • to empower people living in poverty (includes especially women, poor and unorganized sections)


As a social change resource centre, Chetana Society endeavours

  • to strengthen the capacity of the people and social action groups
  • to enable development of poor people and continuation of their livelihoods
  • to advocate on issues of development and public interest and to facilitate democratic process in India
  • by extending capacity building, information, research and campaign inputs

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